10 Tips To Identify If A Woman Is A Virgin Or Not

Although there are men who are more attracted to girls who still have innocence, today we will talk about everything that is lost. We hope you are not one of them!
Maybe the women you’ve been with have lied to you so as not to hurt your ego. But there are attitudes that betray your experience in the arts of love, and it is time for you to learn to recognize these signs, because when everything is clear between the two there is only one thing to do: enjoy big. Analyze this list, think of your girl and the truth will be obvious:

1.- They are happier

Due to the endorphins, better known as “happiness hormones”, which are released in those moments with the couple, a woman’s mood changes completely, which is why she will always be happy and full of energy.

2.- Eyes / look with special shine
The girls who already had encounters of this type have a much stronger look and can stand the gaze of men fixedly. They are braver, because they feel more secure in what they can achieve in ALL the senses.

3.- The walk
His way of walking changes radically. It becomes more leisurely and the hole between the legs becomes a little more evident, because they move their hips to each step to call the attention of the man that interests them.

4.- They are more “rogues”
10 puntos para identificar si una mujer es virgen o no
The girls who “already did” are a little more cheeky, not to the extent of being vulgar; they simply see life differently, without so much shame or shame; they become more irreverent, they speak without language.

5.- They are safer
This point is more than obvious. The young people who are no longer innocent in what refers to sex are much more flirtatious and safe than the others, they watch closely and even throw hints. Do not beat around the bush, and if a guy likes to do the impossible so that everything happens with him.

6.- They are usually made holy

When they hear about sex, they get distracted, and obviously change the subject. According to them they are scared, but in reality they are evaluating your reactions, to know if they tell you the truth or not. Just make a couple of jokes about it to discover them.

7.- Immediately identify the “signals” that a boy gives them

There are a lot of signs that a guy wants something and it’s not money. Women who are no longer pure and chaste tend to detect them much faster, so they become counselors of their friends.

8.- They carry protection “in case it is offered”

A woman who has already done so knows the importance of taking care of her body and does not leave the responsibility to someone who maybe only gets carried away by the hormones. It is always prevented by anything that can happen, because it wants to enjoy without having to regret after some illness or an unwanted pregnancy.

9. They direct the act and they know what makes them explode

One of two: either he already did it or he spends a lot of time playing with his hands to know which movements cause him to explode, and that makes him not so innocent. We recommend that you see it on the friendly side; With a girl like that you will not struggle so much to leave her satisfied and you’ll end up happier.

10.- They can be with you one day and not remember you later

This point is a bit delicate but you have to be realistic. A girl who has already tried the arts of love knows that there must not necessarily be feelings to be with someone, and she could perfectly use you for a meeting, to get rid of the desire and now. You may not remember your name the next day.

Does it really make sense that you cling to being the first of a girl? Do not waste the best opportunities! Imagine, they say that their initial encounter is not so good, so being the one who opened the door will imply that they remember you as someone who did not leave them satisfied.

The Karate Kid Girl Is Already 22 Years Old And Looks Completely Unrecognizable

Karate Kid, the original film of 1984, was a milestone of his generation and quickly became one of the most iconic martial arts films.

Its success was such that several sequels were made with the same actors and, 26 years after its premiere, a new production was made, now with totally new actors and following a line more or less similar to the first version. In this 2010 film, several actors stand out, such as Jacki Chan and Jadem Smith; but who attracts our interest today is the girl who will play the role of Mei Ying: Chinese-born actress Wenwen Han.

Now, at 22 years old, she has stopped being a little girl to become a beautiful young woman, as talented and brilliant as when she made her role in the film eight years ago.

Currently, Wenwen Han devotes his life to the violin and his career in professional modeling.

She speaks Mandarin and English perfectly and, before her role in the film, trained as a dancer.

The radical change that his face has suffered has been the object of speculation about a possible plastic surgery. However, nothing is known about it and the young woman has not spoken about it.

What do you think of this change?

Is not that much changed?

15 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women Older Than 40

Ageism is alive and well in today’s society and unfortunately, it isn’t an issue that’s exactly making headlines in mainstream media. Opportunities being stripped from people of a certain age and discrimination being prevalent in the direction of older folks is an unspoken injustice that’s happening more and more often. Luckily, there is a rose growing from the concrete in regards to that matter because, men are coming out in droves and revealing that they’re more attracted to women in their 40s and up. Take a look at exactly why for yourself.

Embrace Their Bodies

When in their 40s and up have come to terms with their physical appearances and a lot of them hold no shame in their flaws or if they don’t look like the women in magazines. The funny thing about that is that even the women in the magazines don’t look like that.

Embrace Their Bodies Pt. II

Society puts a lot of pressure on women in regards to their looks as it is and a lot of younger women tend to think they need to mirror those on the television screen and become self-conscious for reaching a particular standard of beauty while older women are more likely to be happier in their own skin.

Willingness To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

The older we get, the more we realize that there’s only one life to live which is why a lot of younger people, women specifically, aren’t as willing to step out of their comfort zone and venture out to do more. Whether it’s trying new food, doing something you’ve never done before, or a s*xual experience some older women are willing to step outside of their comfort zones.


With older women being more comfortable to step outside of their comfort zones, they’re also more willing to let their significant other’s exactly what they want and tell them no as well. While some younger women might be a little more fearful to tell their significant other no in order to protect their partner’s feelings or ego. And we say, to hell with that.

They Know How To Please Their Partners

Let’s face it, women in their 40s and up just have more experience than these young girls do. Whether it’s in regards to preparing their significant other’s favorite meal, knowing exactly how they like their back rubbed, or in the bedroom. Over time, they’ve learned all the right moves to keep their partner satisfied.

Not Afraid To Speak Up

Women that are older know the consequences of their words and aren’t afraid to be vocal in any situation and yet at the same time know exactly when to bite their tongues. This isn’t something that comes naturally it takes time and it takes making mistakes to master this art form and older women have it.

Take Control

Since women in their 40s and up are a lot more knowledgeable and willing to admit exactly what they want, they also aren’t afraid to take the wheel sometimes and take control of a situation and secretly every man is appreciative of this every once in awhile.

Independent Women

Older women most likely haven’t been coddled their entire lives and at some point in time, had to get up and make things work for themselves launching them into independence. A woman who’s got everything she needs is always an extreme turn on for any man.

Ability To Separate Love From Satisfaction

Unfortunately, a lot of young men are wired to have as much fun as possible during the earlier stages of their lives while young women mature faster and want to settle down at a younger age. Fortunately, older women know the difference from a single passionate night and blossoming love while younger women struggle knowing the difference between love and lust.

Better In Relationships

Someone who’s over their 40s has probably been a couple of relationships in their day and probably have reflected back on the characteristics that they valued in their partners and the characteristics they refuse to put up with from their significant others making them way better people to be in relationships with because they know what they want in their own relationship from experience.



Women that have been around for a little while longer than some of these millennials have seen a thing or two in their day and most likely don’t react erratically to something that someone in their 20s might react to. Their sense of level-headedness is unmatched as most older women remain unbothered by a lot.


Some younger women lose sight of what’s ahead and veer off their path at times while older women know what needs to be done in the moment and handle their responsibilities a little more promptly than someone that’s in their 20s and 30s. They get the job done.


We should all have goals and be taking the necessary steps in our lives daily to reach said goals but sometimes the younger crowd isn’t exactly in a rush to get things moving forward and push towards their goals while the older women of the world are working a very strict timeframe. They know what they have to do in order to reach their goals.


Let’s face it, younger people aren’t as smart as they think they are which means they’re not that great at controlling their emotions and tend to offer their friends and colleagues terrible advice while older women have more life experience and can push their significant other/partner in the right direction with a few words of wisdom.

Advice & Perspective

Women over 40 and up tend to have a way with words that isn’t pushy, domineering, or harsh so, they provide excellent advice and perspective on a lot of different topics. Personal experience in combination with their delivery style and caring ways is something every man wants in a partner. With that being said, young girls… It’s time to step your game up.

10 diseases that are transmitted by kisses. Learn to detect if someone is sick

When we think of a kiss, the first thing that comes to mind is a moment of romance or passion, with someone we are in love with or who inspires great attraction. We rarely stop to think about the consequences that can bring, because when we give it we also exchange saliva and, as a consequence, around 80 million bacteria!

But do not be scared; Those bugs are not always harmful. On the contrary, they can help you increase your resistance to other microorganisms. Although it is very important that you know the diseases that you can suffer from what for many is a “simple kiss”.

With this information you will not only know the diseases that you can get by means of a kiss, you will also be able to detect if someone is sick before their mouths come together.
1.- Mononucleosis

Although you do not believe mononucleosis is better known as “kissing disease”, precisely because the Epstein-Barr virus that causes it spreads through saliva. The symptoms can last between one and two months, and are very similar to those of a common flu: fever, sore throat, tiredness, muscle weakness and swollen lymph nodes. Those who are most exposed are those between 15 and 30 years old and who change partners frequently.

2.- Herpes

What is known as cold sores is transmitted by contact with the affected skin or mucous membrane. Unfortunately this disease remains forever once it has been installed in our system, and can even cause genital herpes, if you get to practice oral s*x. The most uncomfortable is to have blisters on the lips, but usually disappear in the next 8 to 10 days.

3.- Influenza

Perhaps this is the disease of which we have more consciousness. It can be transmitted by a kiss because, as we know, it is transmitted by saliva and can be contracted even by being close to someone who coughs, sneezes or just talks; so much more so when the exchange of saliva is so direct, as in a kiss. The symptoms are: cough, fever, tiredness and sore throat, and disappear between 5 and 10 days.

4.- Cytomegalovirus

This virus belongs to the family of herpes, and although it spreads through the saliva in a kiss, it can also be through blood, urine, semen and breast milk. Although it mainly affects those with weak immune systems, most are prone to infection. Symptoms may include fatigue, fever and muscle aches, but in more severe cases there is pneumonia, encephalitis, seizures and visual impairment. There is still no cure and can manifest in the body for long periods.

5.- Mumps

Thanks to advances in science and medicine this viral infection has been decreasing and can be prevented with a simple vaccine. However, a few drops of saliva from the infected person suffices for our salivary glands to swell and symptoms that include fatigue, fever, headache and even loss of appetite appear, and usually disappear in two weeks with the appropriate treatment.

6.- Meningitis

Many viruses can cause viral meningitis, but none is as serious as bacterial meningitis. It is transmitted by respiratory secretions because, as there are sometimes residues of them in the mouth, it makes us prone to get the infection through the kiss. The symptoms are fever, headache, nausea and vomiting. People with healthy immune systems usually recover on their own, since there are still no drugs against it.

7.- Hepatitis B

Nowadays it can be easily prevented by means of a vaccine, but it is also possible that it is transmitted by exposure to infected body fluids, such as saliva, especially when the affected person has lesions in the mouth. Symptoms vary from person to person, but include yellowing of the eyes, abdominal pain, and dark colored urine. They usually disappear on their own, although in chronic cases they can include liver failure or cancer, and they need to take a specific and specialized treatment.

8.- s*xually transmitted diseases

Diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea, which we almost always associate with s*xual relations, in some stages can have a significant amount of the agents that cause them in the saliva of the sufferer, so they can also be transmitted by kissing. In case of contracting one of these conditions, it is best to go to a doctor who can give the appropriate treatment.

9. Gingivitis

While the disease itself is not spread through the kiss, the bacteria that cause it. In the mouth live a lot of microorganisms, which accumulate form the unpleasant plaque. Although the brush can help to get rid of it, when we do not do it properly, it accumulates under the gums and when gingivitis arises. Symptoms include inflamed, swollen or tender gums that bleed easily.

10.- Warts

Warts in the mouth or on the lips usually appear through contagion through saliva, or oral s*x with someone who suffers from the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which is highly contagious. They usually disappear on their own after a few days and do not represent a serious health problem, but they can be annoying as regards aesthetics, and in some cases when eating food.

9 weird things that men love about a woman and you had no idea

There is no manual to know what each man likes and the truth, although they deny it, are very complicated. Perhaps we think that they are too much based on the physical to choose a partner, but this is not necessarily true.

There are some features and details that seem very attractive and sensual.

You will be surprised to know what they love in a girl, however strange it may seem.

1. The girls with glasses

If there is something that they love is that image of the innocent and intellectual girl, but that can be very sensual and fun. It is a very common fantasy for them, because they are attracted to both the physical and your personality. No boy can resist!
2. Tattoos

It is a secret that many men have very well guarded. Some go crazy seeing a girl with ink on her body. The truth is that this rough and sensual image is very attractive. Well they say that tastes are broken genres, do not you think?

3. See you wearing your shirt

For a boy there is nothing more tender and sexy at the same time as seeing his girlfriend wearing one of his shirts or shirts after doing it. It is a very sensual show because that way you can imagine how they look in the act, and you can also contemplate the small silhouette of their love.

4. When you wear lipstick

It is a suggestive act that provokes any man, since it can bring back very pleasant memories of previous encounters. Maybe you’ve noticed that you do not take your eyes off when you get ready, but especially when you apply your intense red lipstick. I assure you, that color is your favorite.

5. Exercise

It’s like watching the silhouette of a girl dance while dancing. Although you sweat, for him you will always be the most attractive. When you run, you move and put yourself in compromising poses, depending on the physical activity, you can see how your attributes move and imagine thousands of things.

6. The socks until the thighs

These garments are very sensual for them, because they highlight your legs. There is no man who can resist these long socks, as they remind them of garter belts and lingerie. It is a super feminine accessory. They can not stop seeing you.

7. Be creative in all aspects

The creativity in the bed and that they are super flirty are two features that they admire in a woman, although they do not admit it. They also love to be conquered, and they are driven crazy by a companion with initiative and creativity in bed.

8. When you do not use makeup

Even if you do not believe it, they are not very attracted to those who put on makeup in excess. Natural is always better, so do not be surprised if one day your lover kisses you just when you just got up and tells you that you look beautiful. For him, your face without a drop of makeup is also perfect.

9. Girls who like video games

What can be more attractive than having similar likes with your partner? Well apparently men appreciate the time they spend with video games, so if they find a girl who is as “gamer” as they almost will not hesitate to ask for a marriage … Ok !, not so much, but believe me it seems very sexy …


11 Celebrities with the sexiest natural breasts in the world

phenomenon for thousands of years, governments have invested hundreds of millions of dollars and nothing, even many scientists have died trying to discover the mystery. But nobody has achieved it, everything indicates that it is an unsolved mystery.

Why do men go crazy with your “twins”?
No doubt it is his favorite part of a girl’s body, as it is as if they were hypnotized and could spend the rest of their days playing with them. It is a weapon with enough power to take down the whole world in just a matter of minutes.

The truth is that men could spend their entire lives playing with them. That’s why Today we introduce you to 11 celebrities who swear that their incredible breasts were the work of nature.

1 Salma Hayek

2Vica Kerekes

Kate Upton

4Kim Kardashian

5Katy Perry

Jennifer Love Hewitt

7Blake Lively

8Ariel Winter

9Kelly Brook

10Lucy Pinder

11Lindsey By

How to last longer in bed – new invention could FINALLY cure premature ejaculation

There are many reasons you might be blowing your load too early. And let’s face it, it’s no fun for anyone when it all ends too soon.

But premature ejaculation is an extremely common problem for men. In fact, one in ten men experience sexual problems including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation is defined as when men regularly finish within two minutes. But if you fall into this category, fear not. There is a new app called Pea that could cure the embarrassing condition for good.
sexual problems men graph
The revolutionary new app was designed by Brennen Belich who experienced PE himself at the age of just 23.It is designed as a game and the app’s virtual sex therapist instructs users through kegel exercises, arousal control and masturbation training.

There are three levels of training and users can track their results so they can see their progress.

The app’s website reads: “Practicing arousal control from the very start, before you even think about sex will instantly make you last longer.

“If you notice your arousal taking off you need to stop, bring it back down, and start again when you’re calm again.

“You can practice this during training or during sex with a partner.

The PE app launches next week, but those who are keen to give it a go can sign up on their website now.

“Just think of it like training for a race,” said Brennen. “If you want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, you wouldn’t train by sprinting for two minutes, getting tired, and giving up.”

In the mean time if you want to practise some sex-lengthening techniques, there are plenty you can trial at home.

LloydsPharmacy’s Online Doctor, Dr Tom Brett, reveals three enlightening tips on lasting longer in bed naturally.
1. Behavioural TechniquesTry the ‘squeeze technique’ (squeeze the penis tip near climax to prevent ejaculation), and the stop-start technique (reduce simulation when nearing climax).

Squeezing the penis when you feel like you about to ejaculate, will reduce your impulse to do so.

With time you should be able to recognise the impulse and be able to build control with squeezing.

2. Mental Distraction

An old classic. During sex focus on your attention on something deeply unerotic such as multiplication tables.

This can reduce the enjoyment of the act itself but is often effective in delaying ejaculation.

3. Slow Down

Generally, the faster the man has sex, the quicker he ejaculates. Rapid, hard thrusts result in a faster climax.

A slower, more measured technique means the penis tip is less stimulated and ejaculation delayed. It also allows for greater control over ejaculation.

Undoubtedly one of the more common of bedroom problems for men is a lack of ability to go the distance while making love. In fact up to 70 percent of men seek help in finding out how to last longer in bed. Figuring out the best places to look not to mention people to have faith in for straight answers is often a real challenge. Although it could well appear like it’s impossible to work it out, with an optimistic attitude and a little instruction you will be successful.

By using the Solution presented in this article you will: last longer & increase your staying power (take control over your sex life) avoid embarrassment (greater sex for you and your partner) learn what methods can be applied that same night.  This is ground-breaking solution for treating premature ejaculation is based on a careful review of professional methods as well as relevant scientific information on the known facts about treatment for this problem.

The good news is that Premature Ejaculation is a condition with good prognosis and an overwhelming majority of the men that actually deals with it will definitely experience improvement and relief Are Suffering in silence from: Weak Erection? Infertility? Having Uncomfortable Prostate Symptoms? Being unable to give your partner the same type of mind blowing orgasms that will get her moaning and clinging to you? Now if you are a man of 31-40, 51-60 and above, and you experience the following symptoms; Continuous urge to urinate again and again just after urinating. Frequent and uncontrollable urge to pass urine especially at night. Straining while passing urine. Weak urine stream or double urine stream whenever you pass urine If any of these situations relates to you, and you are on this page right now, congratulations! Because I can confidently assure that you‘ve, at last, come to the solution you’ve being looking for ever since.  I am telling you this from research and the results as well as the testimonies gotten from more than 300 men who at one point in their lives have struggled with various kinds of sexual dysfunctions. Does These problem have solution? Yes.

What is Sexual Dysfunction? Sexual dysfunction refers to a problem occurring during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response cycle traditionally includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Desire and arousal are both part of the excitement phase of the sexual response. When Your Sexual Glands Function Well, You as a Man are at Your Best and Capable of Sexual Pleasure.

What Are The Types Of Sexual Dysfunction? Sexual dysfunction generally is classified into four categories: Desire disorders: lack of sexual desire or interest in sex Arousal disorders: inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity (weak erection) Orgasm disorders: delay or absence of orgasm (climax) Pain disorders: pain during intercourse.

7 reasons why you should not wear thong. Look at the damage it does to your body

While it’s totally up to you to decide which type of underwear you prefer, there’s no denying that wearing a thong every day can impact your health. If you’ve been dealing with yeast infections, odors, and/or itchiness, it may be that skinny piece of fabric that’s to blame.

That’s not to say, however, that thongs give everyone a problem. If you like to wear them and haven’t noticed any issues, then keep doing your thing. “If a thong is comfortable and not irritating to your vulval area … it is fine to wear one every day,” Dr. Vanessa MacKay, Vagisil Partner and OB/GYN, tells Bustle. But do consider choosing one that’s healthiest for your bits.

“Using a breathable cotton brand will reduce the risk of irritation,” MacKay adds. “If your vulva is sensitive to the thong style, you may increase the risk of irritation and inflammation of the vulva by wearing it daily. I’d recommend wearing what is comfortable for your body.” And always remember to change your underwear after working out so excess sweat and moisture won’t lead to any issues.

That said, don’t put it past thongs to create some vaginal health issues. Read on for a few ways this style of underwear can cause issues, as well as all the (rather surprising) reasons why.

1. Thongs Can Change The pH Of Your Vagina

Depending on the fabric of your thong, you might notice an increase in annoying issues down below. “Any non-breathable fabric can cause excess moisture,” MacKay says. “This can lead to a change in the pH of the vulva and vagina causing a potential overgrowth of bacteria and/or yeast. This in turn can lead to vulval irritation and inflammation.” And that’s not good.

2. They Can Change Odors

All that excess moisture can lead to an increased chance of vulval and vaginal odor, MacKay tells me. If you’ve noticed smells that are out of the ordinary for you, it may be due to a yeast infection or other type of bacterial overgrowth. When that’s the case, it’s definitely time to see your gynecologist. And, it may even mean you need to switch things up when it comes to your fav underwear.

3. And Lead To Itchiness

Again, the very nature of thongs can lead to itchiness and irritation — as well as whatever irritants may be on them. “Harsh fabrics with potential chemical irritants can … lead to vaginal itching,” MacKay says. “This can … include washing your underwear with harsh soaps, laundry detergent, and/or fabric softener.” If you feel itchy, try switching detergents. Or, you might want to consider wearing a pair of underwear that’s a little less intrusive.

4. Thongs Can Shift Bacteria Around

If you think about it, thongs are kind of like floss. They’re thin and stringy and get up between your bits, and as a result bacteria can shift around. “When wearing a thong, there’s a higher chance of bacteria sticking to the thong and taking a ride from the back to the front of your underwear along the fabric, especially if your thong is ill-fitting,” says Katie Fritts, founder and CEO of the underwear subscription service Underclub. If you’re going to wear one, make sure it’s the correct size so that isn’t as likely to happen.

5. The String Can Cause Inflammation

Since thongs get all up in your business, it is possible to experience some chaffing and inflammation due to the string. And, if you’re having issues going to the bathroom (and are wiping more often), Fritts tells me a thong can make matters worse. “The last thing you want is anything else irritating this area,” she says.

6. Wearing One Might Lead To “Thong Burn”

Simply walking around in a thong can cause “thong burn,” or a feeling of irritation from the fabric rubbing against your skin. But if you’re an athlete, or someone who hits the gym on the regular, this issue can be even worse. As Fritts says, “Thongs can cause rashes with athletes who do a lot of floor training exercises that create friction between your butt and underwear (sit ups or any exercise when you are on your back and butt).” Ouch.

7. The Fabrics Aren’t Always Breathable

If your thongs are made of synthetic fibers, then your skin can’t breathe. And when your skin can’t breathe, bacteria are more likely to grow. So, again, look for those cotton versions instead. “Pick something breathable (limits bacterial growth), comfortable, and most importantly, something that makes you feel your best,” Fritts says.

Because, again, whether or not you wear a thong is up to you. But knowing how that little piece of fabric might be affecting your health? That’s always a good idea.

15 Painfully Emberassing Things That Happen During Lovemaking

To get you prepared for the event, right here is a list of almost fifteen turn-offs, that may embarrass you during the act. Alas, they happen, involuntarily.
15 Painfully Embarrassing Things That Happen During ‘Lovemaking’

1. Burping!

This typically happens after a beer pong. The resultant hookup from the hangover as well as indulging in a missionary one, normally brings about the encounter of a burp, sometimes when the interest goes to an all time high. Gosh! That is a large piss off.

2. Long hair, in the most undesired of the areas.

Long hair, in the most undesired of the areas.
Well, this is a part as well as parcel of an intimate session with a long-haired partner. Uncovering the lengthy hair from those little spaces is so annoying.

3. Queefing

Also called as the vaginal fart, this typically happens when air is trapped inside as a result of the repeated in and also out motion. This is a sign of a wild session there and also a bad experience in the rear-position.

4. Fart!

If it is funky foul-smelling then it busts the mood, terribly. Amongst all the oohs and aahs, if there is a fart sound, which is generally observed while in a missionary position, then the partner may get shut off. But, this is an all-natural sensation which can happen with any people.

5. The wet spot

The wet spot
This territory of the bed is the brand-new Bermuda Triangle in the latter part of the act. It is the outcome of a love-making session that you just had minutes ago. You might shake the full area, just leaving those four wet squares!

6. Period sex.

Period sex.
Yikes! This is a condition of risk-free sex.

But the most unsatisfactory is when your partner unaware of the day and she starts bleeding. It is a little yuck, but sometimes the genital cramps are shooed away, many thanks to a cunnilingus throughout this time around.

7. A lockjaw.

A lockjaw.
A high-risk one at that, this might take you to the doc, as well. When you are on his joystick as well as suddenly you hear a click and you could not move your jaw, let alone close it, this is high-risk dude.

8. Painting a filthy image with the dirty talks.

Painting a filthy image with the dirty talks.
One of the pre-requisites to a great as well as satisfying session in the bed, an inexperienced sex talk could decrease the spirits in the most awful way. Talking dirty is an art not many can grasp, so to not get stress and anxiety between the erotic gameplay, one need to beware at it.

9. Hair floss.

Hair floss.
After being teabagged, this is a rather usual view, when one is unclean down there. Some love the forest  down there, so avoid shaving. So, in order to avoid the humiliation, present your partner a cozy soapy bathroom, placing some shaving cream and a tender razor. Possibly, they will take the hint after that.

10. Choking

This can get irritating at times when the hair strand leaves your teeth and there it is, caught at the rear of your tongue or in your throat. Virtually a natural happening, but best avoided..

11. Chaffing

Normally, females tend to experience dry skin down there, despite the all-natural lubricating system. To prevent this short-term phase of dry skin, maintain some heated or chilled lubes convenient to utilize, in situation.

12. Limbs akimbo

Limbs akimbo
For couples, the partner understands where to glide and where to hold, but also for the beginner, there are possibilities of limbs getting locked. And it ends up being an funny scene, unentangling! Elbows poked and also knees banged! It harms the first time, but gets stupendous with technique.

13. Cotton strands and funky clothing

Cotton strands and funky clothing
Our cotton inner wears have the tendency to lave their marks on the nether lips, embarrassing us. So choose silk rather or a bath prior to the session.

14. When the joystick is stuck, there!

When the joystick is stuck, there!
Gosh! This is a dangerous one there and also painful, too. This happen when the doghead is inside the female as well as her vaginal muscle mass have actually contracted! It is trapped now! Taking that out is darn painful for the woman, a muscle mass relaxant may be used.

15. A tweak of the candle.

A tweak of the candle.
TERRIBLE that is! I hope you are able to crack exactly what it is. Yes, as a result of a very passionate session and it is as well hard. All of a sudden you listen to a snap as well as there you are, prepared to be rushed to the hospital. Although a no-boner, it could evidently damage due to extreme pressure.

Remain careful people, for they are your properties.

We wish this piece helped you in being a little prepared for the approaching embarrassment.

Do share this with your partner if you want to prevent these or share a joke if something from these has actually currently happen with you.

The Disturbing Aftermath Of Cleveland Launching 1.5 Million Balloons Into The Air

It’s an unfortunate reality of life that sometimes the best of intentions can have the most disastrous of results. That’s something which the city of Cleveland learned the hard way when they released a record-breaking 1.5 million balloons into the air way back in 1986.

Dubbed the “Cleveland Balloonfest”, the event was organized to raise money for charity as well as being “an attempt to break the world record for biggest simultaneous launch”, which was held by Disney at the time – broken the previous year for its 30th birthday.

It took a staggering 2,5000 volunteers to inflate the balloons necessary for the record-breaking attempt.

Thom Sheridan, a Cleveland-based photographer, captured the spectacle, unknowingly documenting one of the worst accidental disasters in modern history.

To watch the breth-taking release of the balloons, and discover the horror that followed, check out the video below:

So many balloons were inflated for it by United Way that they filled a structure the width of a city block in Cleveland’s Public Square.

Amazingly, the event was initially intended to involve the release of two million balloons, however, because of poor weather conditions, the final number was reduced and they were released earlier than planned at 1:50 pm on September 27.

It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that so many balloons would be bad for the environment (even if they were biodegradable), and, this coupled with the poor weather, proved to be the event’s undoing. Shortly after the balloons were released into the air, they were quickly brought down by a storm.

Sadly, the event’s organizers didn’t consider the possibility that the balloons might be brought down by the weather. The rain caused them to be brought down unpopped onto the city’s Lake Erie, which was left virtually unrecognizable once it was filled with balloons.

Aside from the obvious environmental impact of the balloons being released, when the incident happened, authorities in the area were in the midst of a search and rescue operation for two missing fishermen and the balloons made it “impossible” to search the water for them.

Horrifyingly, the two men drowned, and one of their wives sued United Way for the impact which the balloons had in hampering the search.

It wasn’t just the fishermen who suffered as a result of the balloon rest. Animals were also severely affected, with racehorses injuring themselves after they were spooked by the balloons. In fact, a racehorse owner went as far as to sue United Way for $100,000 in damages.

The only upside to the terrible situation was that unlike most conventional plastic balloons, the ones used in the record-breaking attempt were biodegradable, which meant that they did not cause any lasting damage to the environment.

That being said, even biodegradable balloons do not disappear immediately, which meant that they still caused a significant amount of damage. According to a complaint by Ontario, Canada, resident  P. Allen Woodliffe:

“These balloons, being made of plastic, are not readily biodegradable and, thus, will create an eyesore for some time to come, or else be an unnecessary and time-consuming expense for someone to clean up. They may also be hazards to wildlife such as waterfowl, gulls or terns.”

To put the scale of the problem into context, even though the balloons were released in September, they were still being discovered in November in places as far away as Canada. This is what Woodlife noted about the impact:

“In an average 200-yard stretch along the east beach, I counted 140 balloons. In the same average distance along the south beach, there were at least 300. This translated into anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 balloons scattered along the 8-1/2 miles of shoreline at Rondeau.”

The balloons themselves cost a whopping $500,000. Given that this amount of money in and of itself could have done a lot for charity or the community after the event took place, it became an international talking point about how best to raise money in the future.

Floyd Riemenschneider from Yakima, Washington, pointed out how problematic it was:

“It seems to me the money spent for this stunt ($500,000) could have been used to much better advantage, seeing as how most of the funds were probably from donations from people who donate because they believe their money is going for a good cause, such as helping out the more unfortunate…” 

Even if the balloons hadn’t been brought down by the weather, the consequences of this event were a lesson that some spectacles are, generally speaking, always going to be a bad idea.

Because the balloons created such an awe-inspiring effect in the sky, they actually led to traffic accidents as “as drivers swerved to avoid slow motion blizzards of multicolored orbs or took their eyes off the road to gawk at the overhead spectacle”.

Balloonfest also had a huge effect on air travel, which, on reflection, it’s hard to believe wasn’t taken into consideration, and the local airport had to be closed for half an hour after the event.

Perhaps worst of all was that after so many disastrous consequences, Cleveland didn’t even break the world record for the biggest simultaneous balloon launch.